Thank you for deciding to attend the Baking with Science Workshops! Included in this packet is the application, agenda, rules and tuition information for the workshops. These workshops are a fun way to learn to bake and learn the science behind the baking process.


Baking With Science I

This is a workshop for children with an interest in enriching their math and science skill, while learning to bake delicious pastries. Students will use percentages, fractions, ratios and the metric system to create and bake their own recipes. Students will learn how the molecular structure of ingredients effects the resulting product. Students are allowed to be creative and artistic. 


Sign up for the entire series for $425 and a Baking with Science basic tool kit is included. Each class is $95. The Basic Tool kit includes measuring utensils, cake pans, pie pans, rolling pin, whisk, wooden spoon, etc...  all is yours to keep.

Baking With Science II

This is a workshop for children who want to take their baking to the next level. They will work with up and coming bakers to learn specialized skills such as making and working with fondant, making buttercream decorations, working with vegan substitutes, making French macarons, etc..


Each class is $95. Students will receive the tools needed to complete each class to add to the basic tool kit from session I including piping tips and bags, biscuit cutter, etc...

​Students who did not attend session 1 may purchase the basic tool kit for $60.

Special Financing is available through Square installments. Apply at

The Workshop will run from

Monday to Friday 

11 am -2 pm

310 S. 48th Street

Rear Entrance

                                                                                                    Philadelphia, PA 19143                                                                                                


            Session 1 -July 8-12, 2019                                                                            Session 2- August 5-9, 2019 

                                                                                                                            pending subject to change)

   1.  Orientation/Cookies and Brownies                                                              1. Orientation/Biscuits and Quick Breads

   2.  Quick Breads                                                                                          2. Vegan Pastries

   3.  Cakes and Cupcakes                                                                                3. Cake Decorating I Buttercream

   4. Pies and Crumbles                                                                                   4. Cake Decorating II Fondant

   5. Breads                                                                                                    5. French Macaron



The following rules are to ensure the safety of everyone in the kitchen. There will be no exceptions to these rules. You will not be allowed in the kitchen, period.

First and most important, all applicants must be 8 years old or over to participate. The participants must be of age to leave when the workshop is over. There will be no provisions for before or aftercare.

Safe Kitchen Attire

  • All participants must wear shoes that cover the entire foot. No open toe shoes or flip flops. No Crocs!

  • Tee shirts are permitted.

  • Your knees must be covered.

  • No dangling sleeves.

  • No over-garments or dresses that touch the floor. 

  • No camisoles, midriff shirts, tank tops, tube tops, shorts that are above the knee, or pants that fall below the waist.

  • No thin strap or mini dresses.


NOW for the Good Stuff!!

Each Student who signs up for the entire series will receive a duffel bag full of baking tools including whisk, wooden, dry and wet measuring utensils, a 5 qt bowl, cake pans, pie pans and 1/4 sheet pans as well as other goodies. This is yours to keep when the classes are done.

You can take your baked goods home every day. We will provide containers. No food that has not been cooked will be allowed to leave the kitchen.

The workshop will start, promptly at 11 am and will end at 2 pm. Please be on time.  Participants will have to set up their station and choose their flavorings and other recipe enhancements.  Baking takes time. If you are late you may not be able to complete the task of the day. 

It is important that we have students that follow the rules and who are respectful. 


  • who do not follow the rules,

  • who are disrespectful,

  • who are disruptive,

  • who are harmful to self, 

  • who cause harm to others

may be asked to leave the class and not return. There will be no refunds.​


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310 S 48th Street

Rear entrance

Philadelphia, PA 19143


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